Maria Kuźma-Kuźniarska

Saint John’s Eve


The Untitled Factory Gallery is delighted to present “Saint John’s Eve”, a solo exhibit of watercolours and drawings by Maria Kuźma-Kuźniarska. Driven by her passion for human form, Maria creates works that are sensual and timeless portraits of the human body, never limited to the raw physicality of her models. She is obsessed with capturing the constant transitions the human body undergoes, in both the short-term as well as over a lifespan and how these changes are intertwined with the emotional state and the personality of her subjects.

In her upcoming exhibit, Maria depicts intimate moments between lovers, both slightly nostalgic and mirroring our own troublesome romantic relationships. The fragility that underlies their relationship is expressed in their little gestures and elusive gazes and creates tension and a sense of approaching drama. Maria chose the little format for her watercolour drawings to better convey the intimacy of the scenes.

The “Saint John’s Eve” work leaves freedom for interpretation for the viewer. Who are these people? What’s their story? What will happen next? All scenarios are possible, but we might never know which is the right one.

Selected works

About the artist

Maria Kuźma-Kuźniarska

Maria’s personal work is deeply grounded in her background as a biomedical illustrator. Her artistic work has developed from a fascination with human form and her in-depth knowledge of human anatomy. The anatomical correctness of the human form is of great importance to her and can be observed throughout her work. Maria’s work has previously been exhibited in both France and the UK. She is a founder of the Life Drawing Montmartre initiative.