Eve Morcrette, Georges Dumas, Nicolas Neyman

Blurred Boundaries


The Untitled Factory Gallery welcomes you to “Blurred Boundaries”, an exhibition by Eve Morcrette, Georges Dumas and Nicolas Neyman. “Blurred Boundaries” explores the human body and its aesthetics using photography, either as part of the artistic process or as the final medium. The art shows the human body in an ambiguous and even contradictory manner, turning the portrayed subjects into a starting point for aesthetic inquiry for others.

The works of Georges Dumas blur the boundaries between photography, painting and sculpture. The human bodies are deconstructed during the creative process and reconstructed in front of our eyes using a new hybrid aesthetics.

Cut, multiplied and reinterpreted, the subjects portrayed by Eve Morcrette oscillate between appearance and disappearance. In her newest works, Morcrette explores the concept of beauty in ugliness, calling into question the contemporary perception of beauty found in mass media.

In contrast, Nicolas Neyman’s ephemeral charcoal drawings celebrate an ideal beauty that is sensual and elegant. His monochrome works evoke black and white photography, blurring the line between these two mediums.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 4pm – 8pm, Satuday and Sunday 2pm – 8pm.
Vernissage 27 June 6pm – 9pm.

Selected artworks

Eve Morcrette

Eve Morcrette is a photographer who has been based in Paris since 1983. She has had a number of solo and collective shows throughout her career, including being the guest of honour at the European Festival of Nude Photography (FEPN) in Arles in 2009. She also took part in the second international festival of photography in Baku in Azerbaijan in 2007, ‘La Seine des Photographes’ at the Paris Conciergerie in 2007, and numerous other exhibitions. Her work can also be found in a monograph published by Editions Subervie in 2000, as well as at the National Library of France (BnF).


Georges Dumas

Georges Dumas was born in 1975 and has been working as a self-taught photographer since 1990. It was the transition towards digital photography, as much in camera work as in post-production, that cemented his move to artistic photography (primarily in mixed mediums) in 2006. He co-founded the movement Transfiguring in December 2014 with six other artists, and since then he has continued to break down the boundaries between mediums, mixing photography, digital art and painting.


Nicolas Neyman

Nicholas Neyman was born in 1970. In 2010, he signed up for a life-drawing class in order to be able to teach his children how to draw. But he quickly became fascinated by this new world and it became his passion. A long-lasting love of Degas encouraged him to start working with pastel. Then, influenced by black and white photography, he began to focus more on charcoal and black pastel drawings. Neyman currently works in the Atelier Éphémère, an artistic hub occupied by a dozen artists, supported by the local authorities of Bois-Colombes, a suburb of Paris. His work was chosen by the public as winner of the Le Grand Nu 2018 competition at Untitled Factory.