Aurore Levasseur

Mythologies du corps féminin


In May, Untitled Factory welcomes Aurore Levasseur, a young figurative painter based in Normandy and winner of the competition Le Grand Nu in 2018.

In her painting, Levasseur plays on the lack of representation of larger women in contemporary culture by transposing their bodies onto timeless, figurative compositions. With her work, the artist doesn’t fetishise a particular body type, but instead invites us to look at it with a more dignified gaze. A tender, loving, sensual, confident gaze, but also one of tension, suffering and strength – the qualities that we typically think of when we talk about heroes. And what better than mythology to teach us about heroes?

The history of art is rich with inspiring scenes of divine creators, martyrs, goddesses and muses. And yet in our age the human form has lost its magic and curvaceous women are vilified. This exhibition is the first part of the project “Mythologies du corps féminin” (Mythologies of the female body), which seeks to highlight the beauty and sacredness of the female form.

Selected artworks

Aurore Levasseur

Aurore Levasseur, born in 1987, lives and works near the city of Rouen in Normandy. She decided to focus on figurative painting and in particular on nudes while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo. She gained the DNSEP (Superior National Diploma of Plastic Arts) at the Superior School of Art and Design Le Havre/Rouen in 2016. She was artist-in-residence at the Villa Calderón in Louviers in 2017 and the winner of Untitled Factory’s competition Le Grand Nu in Paris in 2018.